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Embrace is a community effort to come alongside families of children with life-threatening illnesses and provide them with moments together to pause, relax and rejuvenate as a family. We embrace families each year, providing them with financial support, vacations, Christmas gifts for the family. It’s our desire to remove some of the stresses of everyday life and provide opportunities for families to escape routine and grow closer to one another. 

Holding Hope provides various gift cards to our families each month to help pay for some of their everyday expenses. We work with the social workers at Hershey Hospital to find out the needs of families and do our best to meet these needs. Based on the needs we hear, we provide gift cards for gas, groceries, restaurants, or even general gift cards to cover bills to the families.


Toys! Toys! Toys! There is nothing better than seeing the smile of a child, especially a child who is hurting, sick, or being treated in the hospital. Holding Hope’s Christmas in July Toy Drive collects gifts for children receiving treatment at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. We collect toys from May 1st through July each year.

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